Setup Mailgun with cPanel and Google Apps

WordPress and Mailgun – Making the Records Verify

If you are here you already know why we are using Mailgun with WordPress, so we’ll skip that.

Mailgun DNS Records Won’t Verify!

I tried a number of solutions to get mailgun to verify my DNS records and it was a nightmare guessing game. That being said, I figured it out.

A quick note on SPF records before we continue:

SPF Records and Subdomains vs. Single Domain

You cannot have two SPF records for a single domain, meaning that this below is not allowed: txt  "v=spf1 ~all" txt  "v=spf1"

However, you can combine the records into one record: txt spf "v=spf1 ~all:

But know that subdomains can have their own SPF records so that this below is allowed: txt  "v=spf1 ~all" txt txt  "v=spf1 ~all"

Here’s what you have to do to make it work (assuming you are using with Mailgun):

  1. create the new subdomain in cPanel (or in whatever manner you use to create subdomains)
  2. mailgun is then going to tell you that you need to add an SPF record for:  The problem is that (at least in WHM’s edit dns feature) — you need to leave out the trailing “”
  3. Your SPF Record for Mailgun should look like this:

    mg txt "v=spf1"

    and NOT txt "v=spf1"
  4. The same thing now applies for the DKIM. Mailgun will tell you to use:

    but what you need to use is this:

Once I realized the error I was making and made these changes, my domain verified instantly.

Hope this helps!

Hostgator Affiliate Program Review: Broken Promise from Affilate Management

April 12, 2013DavidWeb Hosting

Hostgator is a well-know hosting company that provides excellent basic web hosting services, and up until now is the one I used for my clients’ web hosting needs. Hostgator sports a generous a generous affiliate payout, and the client signup is easy.

Why I’m Pulling my Affiliate Business from Hostgator

As the owner of a web development and SEO firm for dentists and physicians, I am very careful with which services I recommend to my clients. Without getting into the weeds about the specific issues that my clients had, the larger issue is broken promises from management at Hostgator.
Early in January (or thereabouts) the new affiliate program manager sent out an email to all of the affiliates explaining to us how there was a new affiliate regime at Hostgator, and how he is looking to reach out and work with the affiliates. I even sent him a thank you email about how the personal touch was welcoming.

Then it all hit the fan. I had a client who had a problem that we were able to resolve, but I emailed this affiliate manager that I had an URGENT problem and I never received a reply. I sent a follow-up email and never received a reply.

I spoke two Hostgator reps and explained the situation – I left two messages with them for him and I never received a reply. One representative incredulously asked me, “Since we solved the client’s problem, why do you want to talk to him?”. I explained since he made the offer of “being there” for affiliates when they needed him, then he needs to live up to his promises.

Avoid Hostgator’s Affiliate Program – In MY opinion

While all of the support that I have historically received fro Hostgator’s tech team has been excellent, and while their shared service has been reliable, I simply cannot work with a firm where management is disingenuous.

Note to the Hostgator affiliate program manager: 

When you promise your affiliates that you will be there if they have a problem, you need to make good on your promises. When it hit the fan I needed your help – and not only were you unavailable, you didn’t reply to emails and you didn’t have a phone number for me to reach you.

As far as I’m concerned, the one of the most important measures of a company isn’t how nice they are when they are selling you a product, but how helpful they are when you are in a jam. And that’s where Hostgator’s top management failed, — and lost my trust and with that, my business.

Basecamp: How to Delete Images in Bulk?

January 3, 2013DavidBasecamp

Q:  I have a ton of images in Basecamp.  Is there a way to delete them in bulk?

A; I asked Basecamp support and unfortunately the answer is no.

Basecamp: Avoiding Email Signature Images Import on Forward

January 3, 2013DavidBasecamp

Q: Whenever I forward an email into Basecamp, the system adds the .png that are in my email signature.  Can this be avoided?

A: No. At this time the best thing you can do is delete your signature before you forward the email. But if anyone has any other suggestions I’m listening…


Basecamp: Adding a Single To-Do by Email? Not yet.

January 2, 2013DavidBasecamp

Q: I’m using the new Basecamp and I’d like to be able to add a single item to an existing to-do list.  For example, if a client send me a task I need to complete, I’d like to simply forward the task to Basecamp and then delete the email.  Can this be done?

A: As of right now (01/2013) the answer is no. this cannot be done.

I asked Basecamp support the same question recently and they told me that the only implementation they currently have is to create a new To-Do list via email. You can find those instructions at the bottom right of your project and it will explain to you what content you can and cannot add to your projects via and how to do it.

A Workaround?

What I’m doing currently, because I personally like to keep task lists out of my INBOX (I’m trying for the Inbox Zero nirvana) is to take any email with a task or to-do, and forward that email into the proper Basecamp project. And then the next time I login to Basecamp, I look at the forwarded emails and I copy and paste what I need into a task.  I know it’s rough and unpolished, but it’s working for now.

What solutions do you have for adding single tasks into Basecamp?  Are you creating new lists and consolidating? Leave a comment and let us know!

Basecamp: How to Manage Personal Items in Basecamp

January 2, 2013DavidBasecamp

Q: I like having one system for all of my projects, business and personal.  Is there a way to do that in Basecamp?

A; Yes and no.

Most project management advice that I’ve seen strongly recommends keeping your personal tasks/to-do’s out of your business project management system because of privacy.  If you have a user in your organization that has access to all of your Basecamp projects — a web developer or a graphic designer, for example – then having your personal info in Basecamp isn’t a great idea.  Though with Basecamp you can naturally limit access to projects only to specific people. But if you are in a large organization — especially with a company policy on backups and data control, then I’d recommend against it.  Or at least if you want to do it, make a separate Basecamp account just for this purpose.

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Basecamp: How to Manage a Follow-Up Task

January 2, 2013DavidBasecamp

Q: I am working with a client in Basecamp and I am waiting for the client to get back to me about a task.  How can I implement some type of reminder for myself that I am waiting for the client to follow-up?

A:  As far as I can tell there is no direct way to do this.  I have thus come up with two solutions:

1. Change the title of the project.  So if the project is client_Website, you can change the project title to Follow: client_Website. Personally I don’t like this solution because I have a feel for the order of my Basecamp projects and I this workaround, while viable, would distract me.  So on to suggestion #2.

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2.4 Ghz vs 5 Ghz Linksys Router – A Review of Choices and Dual Band Considerations

People often ask me about 2.4 Ghz vs 5 Ghz routers.  They want to know if they need 5 Ghz  and what the limitations are of a 5 Ghz router.  The other thing I’m asked is about dual-band routers, which are routers that will let you run a 2.4 Ghz network at the same time that you are running a 5 Ghz network.  This article will hopefully clear up some of these questions as they pertain to Linksys/Cisco routers for the home network.

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Wireless Network Connection Problem – Troubleshooting

January 5, 2012DavidWireless

Q: I have a wireless enabled. I use home wireless, public wireless, and also have an cell carrier aircard. I primarily use my home wireless. When I go to log on at home, my computer used to automatically load my wireless.  There was a hurricane at the end of the summer, and we lost power for 4 days. The router was reset once the power came back on, but I am the only one who cannot access the home network.

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Two Facebook Accounts on an iPad2?

Q: “My wife and I have an ipad2 we both have differenr email addresses and would like to create two fcaebook accounts??????????”

A: If by your question you mean, .”Can my wife and I share an iPad and access both of our Facebook accounts on the same device?” then the practical answer is no.  Unfortunately the iPad was not designed to be a multi-user device.

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