Basecamp: Adding a Single To-Do by Email? Not yet.

January 2, 2013DavidBasecamp

Q: I’m using the new Basecamp and I’d like to be able to add a single item to an existing to-do list.  For example, if a client send me a task I need to complete, I’d like to simply forward the task to Basecamp and then delete the email.  Can this be done?

A: As of right now (01/2013) the answer is no. this cannot be done.

I asked Basecamp support the same question recently and they told me that the only implementation they currently have is to create a new To-Do list via email. You can find those instructions at the bottom right of your project and it will explain to you what content you can and cannot add to your projects via and how to do it.

A Workaround?

What I’m doing currently, because I personally like to keep task lists out of my INBOX (I’m trying for the Inbox Zero nirvana) is to take any email with a task or to-do, and forward that email into the proper Basecamp project. And then the next time I login to Basecamp, I look at the forwarded emails and I copy and paste what I need into a task.  I know it’s rough and unpolished, but it’s working for now.

What solutions do you have for adding single tasks into Basecamp?  Are you creating new lists and consolidating? Leave a comment and let us know!

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