Word 2010: How to Add Page Numbers in Word 2010

November 10, 2010DavidMicrosoft Office, Word

As with everything else in Office 2010, the once simple way to add page numbers in Word has changed with the arrival of Word 2010.

The steps are different that you are used to in previous versions of Word, but Word 2010 makes it easy to put page numbers in different locations in your document, and also lets you add some nice formatting to page numbers, as well.  So in this article we’ll quickly go through how to add page numbers in Word 2010.

1. First navigate to the “Insert” menu at the top of the screen:


2. Once you are in the Insert menu, navigate over to the right side of the menu bar and left-click on the “Page Numbers” option.  A drop-down menu will appear that gives you page numbering options.


3.  .  Select the position you want (the “Bottom of Page” option is selected in the above image) and a list of options will appear to the left of your selection.  Here is where you can choose the formatting you want for your page numbers.   I prefer the default bottom, centered number for my pagination, but you can browse through the templates that Word 2010 provides (here I’ve selected “BoldNumbers 2” which gives you a centered, “Page X of Y” format).


Finally, you can also customize the formatting of your page numbers further using the “Format Page Numbers” option in the initial drop down menu (see Step 2).  Using this feature will allow the simple customization of the page numbers (e.g if you wanted to use Roman Numerals or letters instead of standard numbers),  the ability to change where the page numbering starts, as well as the ability to use chapter page numbering,

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