Acrobat X and Word 2010 – How to Print a Single Page as a .PDF

January 3, 2012DavidWord

I recently had to print a single page out of a long Word 2010 document and I wanted to send it as a PDF.  In the past the default install of Acrobat included a .PDF printer.  You could select the page(s) you wanted to print and the PDF printer and  – voila – you had your .PDF file.

But What if You Don’t Have the .PDF Printer Installed?

If you don’t have the .PDF printer installed or you don’t have Acrobat Standard or Pro, then here’s what you can do.

1. Select just the content of the page you want.
2. Hit CTRL+C to copy the content to the clipboard.
3. Create a new document in Word. (CTRL+N) and paste (CTRL+V) the content into the new document.
4. Now simply save the file as a .PDF:  File -> Save As -> and under the “Save as type” dropdow select .PDF -> adjust the filename as needed -> Save.

4* Note that if you don’t have the .PDF printer installed but you DO have Acrobat Standard or Pro installed, you can use the “Save As PDF” selection in the File tab.


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