How to Add a Column to a Table in Microsoft Word 2010

May 29, 2011DavidWord2

Adding a column to a table in Microsoft Word used to be a pain.  But adding a column to a table in Word 2010 is easy.  In the example below we will add a column to the right of our table, so we go from a two-column table to a three-column table. But you can easily use the same instruction to add a new column to the left of an existing column (just switch your choice in step 3 below). Here are the steps:

1. Place you cursor in a field in the column of the table where you want to add a column to the left or right.  In the two column table below, you’d put your cursor in right next to the “?” in the header column (left-click as if you were going to add some more text after the “?”).   You could also simply put the cursor in the white space in the cell underneath this header cell (again as if you were going to add text).

Two Column Table in Microsoft Word

Two Column Table in Microsoft Word

2. From this cursor position, right click to see the context-sensitive menu and left click or hover your cursor over the “Insert” option on this menu. You will see a list of table-related choices appear.


3.  Now place your cursor over the function you want (in this case it will be “Insert Column to the right”) and left-click.  You should now see your new column appear to the right.  Note that if you wanted to add a new column to the left you could have simply clicked the left option above.

Three Column Table in Microsoft Word 2010

Three Column Table in Microsoft Word 2010

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  1. SonnyckSeptember 9, 2011 at 3:56 amReply

    A problem I am having is that I creat a simple 1 line table of 5 rows, but while typing the content Word just adds a 6th row that even goes out of my page. What is going on?

    • David WSeptember 9, 2011 at 1:20 pmReplyAuthor

      Interesting problem. Do you mean that the 6th row goes on to the next page? Or do you mean that 6th column is going off the page?

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