Backup and Restore your Linksys Wireless Router Configuration and Settings

This video will go over how to easily backup and restore the configuration settings on a Linksys wireless router.

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  • peter foster

    I liked the video which explained how to back up and restore the configuration of my Linksys wireless router (I have the WRT54G Version 1.1) but I don’t have the “config management” tab in “administration” when I log into the router. Thanks.

  • Look under “Administration” for a tab that says “Backup and Restore”. Hope that helps!

  • peterfoster

    Hello, David. I’ve perused the contents of each tab and have been unable to trace any mention of “backup” or “restore”. I’ll just screen print everything as backup of my configuration. Thanks.

  • That could work, but then you’d have to screenshot your port forwarding settings if you have any, your connection limits, and your security settings. I’d take a good look on Linksys’s website to see if theres a way to do it with your router (which happens to be a popular one). The other suggestion I have is to try to upgrade the firmware on the router (it’s a fairly straight forward process –the hardest part of which is identifying your version # which you’ve already done. The risk of updating firmware in general is blowing-out your settings — but since you have a screenshot and you the backup/restore section seems to be in hiding, an upgrade of your router’s firmware may wind up updating your control panel to one that has the backup/restore option. Let me know how it goes.

  • peterfoster

    Thanks, David.

    Following on from your kind advice, I contacted Aden from Linksys via their splendid “chat” facility. Aden informed me that it would not be the firmware upgrade per se which would remove all my settings but the pressing of the reset button which Linksys recommend is done subsequent to the upgrade. Aden agreed that the resetting exercise subsequent to the updating of the firmware is only a recommendation by Linksys. Aden agreed that it might be possible for me to upgrade the firmware, (thereby seeing the “config management” tab (which of course contains the “backup/restore settings” function) in “administration” and thereby be able to back up my settings prior to losing them when I subsequently press the rest button! Or, perhaps, if I am able to save my settings in this way prior to pressing the reset button (and thereby losing them) I probably wouldn’t need to press the reset button at all because the presence of the “config management” tab in “administration” would surely be evidence that the firmware upgrade had been successful without resetting!

    Thanks & Regards


  • peterfoster

    I’m pleased to report that I managed to achieve the not inconsiderable goal (for me) of setting up my new “WPA security” wireless network.

    Many thanks for your kind help and encouragement.

    Best Regards


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