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January 5, 2012DavidWireless3

Q: I have a wireless enabled. I use home wireless, public wireless, and also have an cell carrier aircard. I primarily use my home wireless. When I go to log on at home, my computer used to automatically load my wireless.  There was a hurricane at the end of the summer, and we lost power for 4 days. The router was reset once the power came back on, but I am the only one who cannot access the home network.

The computer gives an error message, no networks found, radio off. When I google radio off, it says something is turned off on the router, however, everyone else’s computers in the house work including a netbook, two laptops and a desktop.

Another thing I noticed, it says No Networks found, and the bar List Networks is grayed out as unavailable. It used to detect the neighbors networks, and now it’s finding nothing. I at least can get access to the Internet with my air card, but I like to save those minutes for when I am mobile, which is going to increase in the next month or two as I enroll in an on line course. Thanks for your help! PS (and YES, my wireless button is in the ON position :o))))))

A:  This sounds strange.   But let’s work it out.  It’s possible that your built-in wi-fi card in your laptop is having a problem — but this is rare.  Please answer the following quetsions below as YES/NO so we can go forward.

1. Are you the only person (your laptop) the only device in the house that is having problems connecting wirlessly to the home network?

2. Are you able to connect your laptop via wi-fi  (not the cell carrier aircard) to anywhere else?  E.g. if you go to a store that has free wi-fi, can you connect?



  1. TracyJanuary 5, 2012 at 10:21 pmReply

    I am the only person in the house having the problem. I thought it may be the settings in the software I used for launching wireless (came with the air card, has a top section for the mobile, and bottom section for wireless), but today, I noticed when I went into windows settings no other wireless networks were listed either.

    I am not sure if I can get wireless. I will have to stop by Starbucks tomorrow and check it out! As soon as I am able to do this I will let you know the answer.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. David WJanuary 5, 2012 at 10:25 pmReplyAuthor

    Sounds good. Two things you can also check:

    1) make sure that there aren’t two programs trying to manage the wireless. Windows has a built-in method of managing wireless but I’ve seen it where you run a software update for the wireless adapter (internal adapter) and then the wireless software takes over the windows wireless manager – and things get messy. So you have to re-establish windows as managing the wireless.

    2) try reinstalling the driver for your internal wireless. it’s a long shot but it can work.

  3. TracyJanuary 5, 2012 at 10:26 pmReply

    FYI, a hint for people who are in a home or other area where you share a computer, especially family members, if you have a wireless adapter, like a netgear or the like I learned something to help me when settings get out of whack. Sometimes my Dad or my kids will change the settings on the wireless adapter, and it’s been months since I looked at it, and it took hours on the Internet getting it straight.

    I took a snapshot of the screen with the correct settings, and when it happened again, all I needed to do was restore the settings from the snapshot. That is what I thought happened this time, the settings somehow changed, but I am the only one who uses the computer.

    Looking forward to figuring this out. If I do have a network card issue, my computer has an extended service plan so it should be covered.

    Again, I will let you know if I can go wireless at the local cyber cafe.

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