BackBlaze – One Minute Review

May 29, 2010DavidBackup0

In my quest to find a solid backup/sync client for the advanced user, I came across BackBlaze.  It looks promising at $5/mo for unlimited storage.  I downloaded the installer and the program installed quickly.  Immediately and before I could blink,  the program said is was scanning my entire hard drive.  Whoa!  Hold it there a minute.   I stopped the process and then opened the program’s control panel to see what was going on.  As, the website stated that you can backup “What you want”, tried to customize the files I’d be backing up.  The first thing I tried to do is deselect my “C:\” drive, as being the partitioning master that I am, there is no data stored on my C:\ drive, so I don’t need to back it up.  The program then responded by telling me that I can’t deselect the “C:\” drive.  At this point I uninstalled the software.

So while their website was relaxed and inviting, the BackBlaze client was aggressive and didn’t live up to the first promise listed on the website.   Hence my search continues.


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