Mac OS X POP and IMAP Email Protocols

October 20, 2010DavidEmail0

Q: Does the Mac support POP and IMAP?

A: Yes, but more important questions (and answers) are:

1) Does my email provider support POP/and or IMAP (or any other protocol) access?

2) Does my email client support POP/and or IMAP?

Not all email providers provide IMAP access, where practically every one supports POP, so if you want IMAP you will need to do a little more work to find an IMAP provider vs a POP provider.

And once you’ve established that an email provider DOES support your preferred protocol, then you must find an email client that can support it. Personally, I use Thunderbird for almost all IMAP acesss to my accounts.  But if I were using an exchange server, I’d probably use Outlook.

Hope that helps.

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