How to Add a Flickr Slideshow to Your HTML Website or WordPress Website

It used to really, really difficult to add a slideshow to your website.  Thankfully, many services including PicasaWeb Albums and Flickr now allow the average user to add a nice-looking slideshow to a website.

A WordPress Website, An HTML Website…It Doesn’t Matter
Adding a Flickr slideshow to your website — whether it’s WordPress blog or a standard HTML website, is as simple as cutting as pasting some code (e.g. if you can copy and paste, you can add a slideshow).

1.  Assuming you already have a Flickr account, go to the gallery you want to put on your website (or create a gallery if you haven’t done so yet), and start the slideshow.

2. At the top right of the screen you will see a “Share” option (note that all images in the gallery need to be set to public in order for you to embed the slideshow).  Click the Share option.   You will now be presented with HTML code that you will  cut and paste into your website. Note that if you want to embed the Flickr slideshow you need to use the “embed” choice (the second one in the image below).


3.  But if you want to customize the slideshow, click the “Customize this HTML” button and you will be given more options (see below).  Now simply make the changes and use the generated HTML.


4.  To add the slideshow to a WordPress site, simply navigate to the page or blog posting you want to contain the slideshow and paste the HTML code  that was generated.  You can use the “HTML” tab in the WordPress “Add New Post” section to paste in the code.

Visual/HTML Code View Choice in the WordPress "Add New Post" Screen

Visual/HTML Code View Choice in the WordPress "Add New Post" Screen

4A.  For an HTML website, simply open your HTML editor and add the Flickr HTML wherever on the site you want the slideshow to appear.

That’s it.  Enjoy your new embedded Flickr slideshow.

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