Zagg Invisible Shield iPhone 4 Screen Protector Review – A Tough Price for an Acceptable Product

August 2, 2011DavidiPhone0

After my previous screen protector became dusty I decided to remove it — which in retrospect was a bad idea.  After walking around without a screen protector I managed to put a tiny scratch on the screen — but it’s small and really not noticeable.  So I hopped over to Staples and I purchased the Zagg Invisible Shield iPhone 4.

The Invisible Shield screen protector was $24.95  and contained multiple parts.  It had a screen cleaner, adhesive liquid, and a very nice rubber flattening-device which I really like.  The box comes with two screen protectors — one for the front of the phone and one for the back.  It’s an iPhone 4 so I guess they want the back to be covered, too.  Personally I would have preferred that they had included two FRONT protectors, as I (and most people I know) have a case that does a good job protecting the bottom or rear-facing side of the iPhone 4.    In fairness to Zagg, however, I didn’t look carefully enough at the packaging to see that there was only one of each front/back protector included.

Moving along, the instructions have you putting the liquid adhesive on your fingers and then on the screen protector, and then putting the protector on the iPhone.  I skipped this step — even though it was in the instructions — because I’m not comfortable putting ANY kind of liquid near my iPhone. So after skipping the adhesive, I used the rubber-flattening device to smooth out the screen protector.  The device works well and makes putting on the protector fun.  I did have a hard time lining it up initially — but in fairness that was the case with my initial screen protector, as well.  So after applying the screen protector I did have some small air bubbles and tiny voids — but for my purposes I really don’t mind.  And considering that I didn’t follow the instructions and use the adhesive, I think the result is pretty good (maybe the adhesive liquid would have eliminated some of my tiny voids).

Further, the screen protector is thick, and while I feel as though it does slow me down slightly in terms of the iPhone 4 touch interface, I do feel that my iPhone is very well protected. So at this point I would be inclined to give the product an excellent rating — but that was until the edges on the protector started to buckle slightly around the curved ends of the front of the phone.  Granted I didn’t use the liquid adhesive, and I am using a case.  But the previous screen protector I had (of which I can’t recall the brand name) did not have the same problems.   After checking both ends (top and bottom) of the protector, it seems to me that the protector is cut slightly long in the top-to-bottom direction.  I reapplied the protector a few times — which I know is sure to introduce dust — but I’d rather have the protector lined up properly vs having a few dust specks.  Unfortunately at this point, however, I’m still getting bunching at the edges.

So overall I give the Zagg Invisible Shield iPhone 4 Screen Protector a rating of Good. I like the thickness of the protector and my iPhone feels safe, and I like the included flattening device for applying the product.  I do not like the fact that the screen protector seems too long (this is the real problem), or that the application of a liquid adhesive is required.  In fairness to Zagg I did not spend a lot of time examining the box (so I’m not going to complain about the lack of more than one protector per iPhone side), but I do expect a screen protector that’ s supposed to be “precision cut for the Apple iPhone 4” — especially at $24.95 — to fit like a glove.

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