How to Burn an MP3 CD with the Tracks in Order

July 16, 2010DavidiTunes2

Q:  I recently made an MP3 CD to play in an mp3 enabled cd player and  the tracks were not in the order I had setup when I burned the disc.  How do I burn an MP3 CD with the tracks in order?

A:  You’ve discovered a frustrating situation, but fortunately the fix is easy.  When you burn a CD in windows (mp3, data or otherwise), Windows will automatically burn the tracks in alphabetical order and it will thus ingore any order you setup.

The way to do it so that the mp3 tracks stay in order is to use iTunes.  There are other programs that can handle this but iTunes is free and the process is easy.

For a FREE, comprehensive and fully illustrated white paper on how to create MP3 CDs in track order using iTunes, visit and look for instructions in the right-column.

1. Make sure the MP3’s you  want to burn to the disc are already in your iTunes library.  If they are not, you can simply drag the files from the folder they are stored in directly into iTunes.

2. Create a playlist and add these mp3s to the playlist.  Here’s where you order the tracks.  Make sure in the playlist that the tracks are in the order you wish them to appear.

3. Burn the playlist to disc.

That’s it.


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