SyncBack Pro Review Additions – I found more features!

June 14, 2010DavidUtilities

In a previous post I went over a few of the advantages of upgrading from SyncBack freeware to SyncBack Pro.

After using the Pro version more and more, I’ve come across a few great features that I thought I’d share:

1. Voice Prompts.  You can configure it so that you can have the computer speak to you (with any words you choose_ to speak to you when a profile has started, ended or needs attention.

2. Hot Keys. Now running a profile is as easy and pressing a hotkey combination. Try something with Atl+Ctrl and a letter and you will likely not interfere with other software.

3. An Improved Progress Bar.  While a profile is running you will see elapsed time in addition to a progress bar; I find it helpful to know this information.

4. Profile Import. You can easily import profiles from SyncBack freeware — just be aware that you can’t directly export a group with all its included profiles.  You must export the profiles individually.

5.  Backup Control.  You can set a backup to run not only at a schedule time – but when data is changed, when you login or logout, or at whole number of other customizable times.   You can even set a time-limit on how long a profile can run for.

Syncback freeware is great; Synback Pro is better!

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