Clone Virtual PC – How to Make a Copy of Virtual PC Virtual Hard Drive

December 16, 2009DavidVirtualization0

Now that you’ve spent the time configuring and setting up your Virtual PC Virtual Hard Drive, you may want to make a copy or a clone to use to build further, or in a different direction. For example, you may have a virtual machine environment with a basic install that works well, but now you want to run a separate VM to test beta software — but without jeopardizing the functionality of your basic install. So instead of recreating the entire VM from scratch, you can clone it to quickly get your “second” VM running; this article will review the steps.

1. Copy the .vhd file  — preferably to another directory just to keep things organized.

2. Then run the Virtual PC  Console, and select “New” to open the New Virtual Machine Wizard.   Select “Create a Virtual Machine” and then click Next.

3. Then choose a filename and location for your new, cloned Virtual Hard Drive and click “Next”.  

4. Select the appropriate Operating System and click Next. One the subsequent RAM dialogue, make any RAM adjustments you’d like and click Next.

5. Now under the “Virtual Hard Disk Options” select “An existing virtual hard disk”.  Click “Next”.  Enter the path of the .VHD file you just copied (or Browse to find it).

6.  You will be taken to a summary screen. Click “Next”.  If you now head back to the Virtual PC Console, you will now see your new Virtual Machine added.

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