2010 New Year’s Computer Resolutions

December 11, 2009DavidGeneral

We all have our standard New Year’s resolutions every year.  This year, however, I also have a list of some of my New Year’s Computer Resolutions. Here we go…

1.  I will tag all of the digital photos that I have in Picasa. I thought about using Adobe Bridge, but after some testing, I believe that using Picasa is the best way to go.  Plus, I find that Picasa is faster to use to get to and organize photos.  Now I have to start deciding how many tags I’m going to have (And I will NOT also be geo-tagging 10,000 photos. I’ll leave that for next year.)


2.  I will go through all of the songs I have in iTunes and I will make sure that all of them have proper information and tags. I will sort my classical music by classical genre, and I will go through all of my operas and add a “01-“, “02-” to the tracks so I can listen to an opera in the proper order (as opposed to in iTune’s alphabetical order).  I will NOT, however,  be re-ripping all of my CDs, even though they aren’t all encoded at 128kpbs.  I just purchased the Brilliant Classics Complete Works of Bach, and I REFUSE to re-rip 150+ CDs.

3.  I will purchase a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 scanner (the deluxe version that comes with Rack2Filer) so I can start to convert my life to paperless. No more papers and business cards everywhere!  (I almost purchased a  NeatDesk last year for the same purpose, but the Fujistu seems to be getting much better reviews).  I will spend the first two months of 2010 convincing my wife that this is a necessary purchase.

4.  I will replace my last traditional mouse with another Logitech TrackMan. Ever since I used my first Logitech TrackMan mouse, I’ve refused to use anything else.  I still have a machine that uses a traditional mouse, and after this year, we will haev a “TrackMan-only” household.  I may have to spring for the Cordless TrackMan.

So I think those four things are respectable and achievable aims for 2010. What did I miss? Or is there something even better I can do?  What are your 2010 New Year’s Computer Resolutions?


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