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August 31, 2010DavidGeneral

Well it took me some time to get around to it but I’ve finally released my new classical music website, .  Basically what I’m doing with this site is introducing people to great works of classical music.  As I discover more and more works that I haven’t heard before, I realize that I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on hearing — so I decided to share the experience — in small doses.


W.A. Mozart

The difference between my site and other sites is that goes right to the good part; many people I know like certain parts of a classical work but don’t want to hear all of it.  So with this site I’ve selected a particular movement of a classical work to introduce, as opposed to the entire piece.  If after hearing the first movement of Beethoven’s fifth you decide to go ahead and hear more (like the animated fourth movement), that’s great.  but if you just want to hear a little, then stick with what I’ve posted.

Each week I will post a new work, along with my comments, a YouTube video of the selected portion,  and an Amazon affiliate link to  the version of the work I like best (one of the great things about, especially with classical music, is that you can really get good review of an CD before you buy it).

I just launched it this week and to start I’ve put up 5 diverse works of music.  So if you are interested in learning more about classical music or just getting gentle weekly nudge, check out the site and subscribe to the newsletter so you can receive the weekly updates.  And for those of you gurus out there, let me know if you think of a great work that I should have on my list.


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