How to Create a Windows XP SP2 CD

December 25, 2009DavidWindows XP0

Sometimes you need to have access to the Windows XP SP2 files directly on a CD.   Usually you will download the XP SP2 from Microsoft, and extract the files on to the machine you wish to apply sp2. In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to extract the  XP SP2 files from the archive file to a directory, so you can then burn the contents to a CD.

1. Download Windows XPSP2 from Microsoft.

2. Create a destination folder for the files. I’ll call it F:\SP2_Files.

3. Head to the command prompt and run the service pack  .exe file with the -x extension (and replace F:\downloads with the location of your .exe file):

F:\downloads\WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe -x

3. A dialog box will appear asking you to “Choose Directory For Extracted Files”. Enter the directory you created earlier in Step 2 (e.g F:\SP2_Files).  The files will now be extracted to the selected directory.


4. Burn the files to a CD or DVD. Make sure that when you are copying you show hidden files so that all of the files are copied to the CD.

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